Welcome at Loungeworld.

Loungeworld want give it within and outside life a still more beautiful look, by means of design and comfort.

Loungeworld produces a variety of design mattresses that creates the ultimate lounging experience.

Pure Loungeworld

Leaving the rush of the day behind you and enjoying every moment of leisure time in a relaxed enviroment.
During those moments our comfortable and exclusive design mattress shows to full advantage.
That is pure lounging inluxury, for u and your guests.

Pure quality

Each selected material is chosen for its durability. the mattress is made of top quality imitation leather filled with polyether foam.
Of course the mattress is water resistant, so that it can contribute to your atmosphere and style of luxuary in any room.
We think that is just as important as comfort and charisma!

Pure for you

Choosing Loungeworld is a comfortable choise for it is our nature to always put your wishes first.
That way we can come up to your expectations or even surpass them.
So you can be sure you made the right choice!

Pure design

The exclusive design mattress gives the whole room a luxerious atmosphere, and provides an ambience in which you and your guests feel at home at once. Even if its only for the personal colour in which the mattress is made or because your logo or overprint can be fabricated into the mattress and pillow.
And all this in a way that suits you.